8.0 GS Air Jordan black / blue / pink

  • Christophe Bataille
  • 6 years Ago
  • Jordan

Jordan has launched a review of its older models starting with the two, which met with mixed success. But the 8.0 has not crystallized critics such as 2.0 and knowing that environment quite hostile to change, it is already a huge success! While Jordan Brand takes us out of the hat to a GS version for women. On a black base, it combines a royal blue and pink, giving the effect pop tart and very valuable both for children, women and men who dare colors. For now it does not seem destined to Europe. But you can still get you in the JimmyJazz.com for $ 110.

8.0 GS Air Jordan black / blue / pink, 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
Christophe Bataille

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