Nigo x Louis Vuitton

A Nigo x Louis Vuitton capsule is planned for June

  • Hugo Tannieres
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The french leather goods house take a closer look at the roots of streetwear in a Nigo x Louis Vuitton time capsule.

While Dior collaborates with Kaws and Stussy or Off White with Futura, another streetwear pioneer will be at the heart of this new luxury, dictated by artistic directors influenced by street codes. Indeed Nigo is the founder of Bape and alongside Jun Takahashi in the Nowhere shop, or members of the Teriyaki Boys linked to the foundation of Billionaire Boys Clubs, this niche group has probably codified luxury streetwear as we know it today. After multiple successes with the simian brand, Nigo sold Bape in 2013 to create his own label Human Made, pieces that move away from Bape’s overloaded designs, in favor of minimalist visuals, compiling cartoon animal silhouettes for solid basic pieces.
We can therefore expect a mix between Nigo’s light prints venturing into LV’s monogrammed jungle, as well as a prominent place for different visual identities: the three-line heart and the Lion’s head.

Find below mock ups of what this Nigo x Louis Vuitton collaboration could look like.

Hugo Tannieres

Rédacteur / Team WAVE®

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