A release date has been announced for Kanye West’s Yandhi album

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Did Kim Kardashian reveal the release date of Yandhi from Kanye West yesterday on twitter? If this information proves true, the album would be close to release and could still change its name.

Kanye West’s album, Yandhi, is one of the most anticipated projects since its very first announcements. So it was via twitter that the information came out through Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian. A notebook on a table with what appears to be a tracklist appears with the date of September 27. We also notice a bible on the table and different possible titles related to it such as “Jesus Is King” which could possibly be the new title of the album, and various other tracks like “Baptized” or “God Is”. This information seems totally plausible since it is in the pure line of the artist’s recent “Sunday Service” which could really inspire the album’s main line and give us more than luminous sounds.

We must therefore remain patient and wait until the end of September to find out if the information disclosed by Kim Kardashian is accurate. Yandhi’s release is getting closer, but only Kanye West really knows when we will have a chance to listen to it.

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