A travel agency organizes visits to the places that appear in animes

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There has been a growing interest in anime over the past ten years, as evidenced by this agency that organizes these unique tourist tours.

In the same way as visiting the places where films or series were shot, Japan gives gives form to its own genre by showing the places from which scenes of animes took place. Indeed, while some of them are in invented universes, some are inspired by or even represent the real lives of students ( a few powers/unbelievable talent less) in a Japanese neighborhood. The sports mangas are a good example, but some Shonen also join this pattern, creating a certain complicity with the protagonists. One Punch Man, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia or Sword Art Online: most of the sets of some scenes really exist with a striking similarity. This is the concept chosen by Otomo and Anime Tourism 88, which specialises in those special guided tours featuring a number of animes, for a list that will only be exponential. This animated pilgrimage called Anime Tourism also offers a series of goodies along the way, a brand new concept, but a promising one.

Reservations begin in October for its very first edition. Visit the agency’s website for more information on Anime Tourism.

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