AAPE x Bape X Reebok Pump Fury

  • Guillaume Souche
  • 5 years Ago
  • Reebok

Here are the superb detailed clichés of the Aape x BAPE X Reebok Pump Fury. The shoe features a woodland camo upper seated on a white midsole highlited by some AAPPE x BApe logos. This is definitely a solid make-up applied to that model and it works perfectly.

The Reebok x Aape by BAPE Pump Fury is gonna drop later this month, in Europe Solebox announced a release set for the 16th of September while the good guys from Sneaker Politics have communicated a release for the 21st of September at a 200usd retail price.

Reebok_X_BAPE_Insta_Pump_Fury_Sneaker_Politics_21_1024x1024 Reebok_X_BAPE_Insta_Pump_Fury_Sneaker_Politics_6_1024x1024 Reebok_X_BAPE_Insta_Pump_Fury_Sneaker_Politics_10_1024x1024 Reebok_X_BAPE_Insta_Pump_Fury_Sneaker_Politics_16_1024x1024 Reebok_X_BAPE_Insta_Pump_Fury_Sneaker_Politics_17_1024x1024 Reebok_X_BAPE_Insta_Pump_Fury_Sneaker_Politics_9_1024x1024 Reebok_X_BAPE_Insta_Pump_Fury_Sneaker_Politics_18_1024x1024 Reebok_X_BAPE_Insta_Pump_Fury_Sneaker_Politics_8_1024x1024 Reebok_X_BAPE_Insta_Pump_Fury_Sneaker_Politics_19_1024x1024

Pics credit: Sneaker Politics

AAPE x Bape X Reebok Pump Fury, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Guillaume Souche

/ team WAVE®

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