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A few weeks ago, the launch of the 2017 new adidas EQT line was launched in Berlin. The German brand saw the big picture by inviting more than 1000 people, media, retailers from all over Europe for two days ponctuated in various activations. The EQT Loft, located on 3 floors of a building in downtown Berlin, offered to retrace the history of the Equipment line and to consider a new chapter for franchise.

The new EQT range explores its historical DNA while contemplating a very creative future. Composed of a Turbo Red/Black color scheme, which is none other than the negative version of the original Green/White colorway appeared in the 90s is certainly the most exiting launch of this new year.

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We had the opportunity to speak with Torben Schumacher,  Vice President Product at adidas Originals.

Sneakers Addict™ : The EQT range is one of the most beloved by European sneaker heads. Is there any particular intention from adidas to speak to this community ?

Torben Schumacher : This is really important, not only for the European Sneaker audience but also for ourselves because at the beginning of the 90’s it was a really important time for the Brand. For us it is much more than just a shoe, but more an era with bold design, drastic changes, and lastly, no compromise in the product creation. I think EQT has a big following amongst sneaker addicts across the world, because they are the precursor somehow. We believe the story is so powerful that it deserves to be told to a wider audience, so the challenge we put on ourselves was to bridge the old to the new and create something that spoke to a younger audience.

SA : How do you explain that this range designed for performance, and pretty expensive at the time, was instantly adopted by the street in the 90’s ? What were the special ingredients ?

TS : I wish I had that recipe up my sleeve! I think it was new, it was bold, it dared something…without compromise, nothing was covered or hidden, It was only essential, one color plus black and white. People were taking risks at the time, nothing was easy or democratic, it was just about strong point of view and how the past can form the future and I think this is what was rewarded by the street, because it was standing out from all the other things at this time. You just look at it and say, “ho my god, this is bold, this new, that’s fresh .. I want to rock that.” I guess that’s the approach that stays so relevant today. We have to dare, we have to try to imagine how things could be, without being too respectful of the past and trying go even further.

SA : Adidas is innovating really hard this time and we see a brand new generation of kids that will grow up with adidas as the best sports brand. We can expect them to be adi-head when they’ll be adults. How do you feel about that ?

TS : It’s an amazing development. We were the original sports brand, we were the first sports brand and we believe we have the power to be the best sports brand. From an Original/Lifestyle point of view, we don’t want to rest with the archives but most reimagine how our past could build the future and creating something that is relevant today for the street and sneakers lovers across the world. That’s an interesting development, if you see how all part of the brand come together and create the best running shoe in the world-the UltraBOOST, and how it’s spread through NMDs and EQTs now .. You see that we trying to build a bridge from the archives to the new but not we just don’t want to be one side and stay focused on either part.

SA : Can you tell us a little bit more about what will be the big adidas footwear focus of 2017 ?

TS : There are a lot of exciting things. A lot of stories like the EQT that deserve to told to a wider audience .. I can’t say anything yet. Stay tuned… you will not be disappointed!





As a perfect host, adidas Originals also offered its guests an exclusive showcase of Pusha-T

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