After its teasing, what does adidas have in store for us tomorrow?

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adidas posted a mysterious image on Instagram earlier this week with a caption with the evocative name “A new beginning”. Since then, radio silence on the adidas side that has not posted anything for 3 days. At WAVE we have two theories, we take stock.

The big surprise, Drake?

Last year Drake made a name for himself after being seen with an adidas tracksuit and Yeezy on feet. He then silenced the rumours by showing up with a Nike x OVO jersey. It should be recalled that the rumour had been launched following the lack of freedoms offered by Nike to 6 God who would have liked to have had the same decision-making power as Kanye at adidas. Since then, Drizzy has still not had the opportunity to create his own silhouette, which could well mark the end of a partnership between the two actors.

A close source told us that it was a collaboration with an influential singer in the current music scene. We first thought of Childish Gambino but then wondered about the meaning of this yellow/gold colour that reminded us of the branding of the OVO brand, which remains Drake’s label. The legend “A new beginning” would thus take on its full meaning and could refer to the past buried between the rapper and Nike, announced as a new beginning.


The launch of the collaboration with Childish Gambino?

Last September, adidas signed a deal with one of the most bankable rappers of the moment. Childish Gambino is still surfing on the wave of his global video clip, This Is America, which still continues to panic the view counters today. adidas had thus succeeded in directly interfering in the artist’s creative process by associating itself with his clip It Feel like Summer. A smoothly executed communication move that could actually continue tomorrow with an announcement from the German brand. An announcement that could possibly be associated with that of the artist who has not yet officialized the continuation of his album Awaken My Love released in 2016.

Will Drake finally join the adidas team or was this just a great teasing for a collaboration already announced? Maybe neither, but in any case, adidas is really expected at the turn with this announcement. See you tomorrow on the adidas instagram.

In the rest of the news, James Jebbia spoke about Supreme Italia.

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A new beginning. More on 4.4.

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