Air Jordan 2012: First pictures, first impressions

  • Christophe Bataille
  • 7 years Ago
  • Jordan

It is difficult for brands by 90% of its turnover on its old models to renew itself. Jordan Brand knows better than anyone. Yet in 2011 seemed to show that Jordan had found the magic formula with this Air Jordan 2011. Simplicity of shape, lightness, technology and comfort. We therefore hoped that all would 2012 version in the same direction. But here are the first images sharp and clear that Air Jordan 2012. On a Aesthetique seen it sagira a highly technical model:

  • Structure Flywire
  • Chausson separate
  • sole incorporating the separate air system.

So it goes in the same direction as the new Lebron and Kobe. Only there’s a catch, and it is the aspect of basketball. Flywire plastic structure is in leather patched holes, as can be seen on some dress shoes to the old. This shape gives a foot long ultra. In short we are still in shock and it is difficult to have an opinion ‘professional’ for now. But what is difficult to understand is that Jordan Brand has a lot of technical models already (as heard leaving the look in 2nd plan) so why add on the main model? In short, we are puzzled and we leave you with the photos.

Christophe Bataille

Subscriber / team WAVE®

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