All Gone 2016 available in pre-order

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Every January, is marked by the release of the book that go back to an entire year of streetwear and the new All Gone 2016 is now available for pre-order.
Since now 11 years, LAMJC put together the best release of one year of streetwear with a 2016 one that has never been so busy according to Michael Dupouy. This year the cover has been created by the British artist Neil Ratt which imagines two oil painting that explores the idea of repetition as a form of abstraction. Like every year, the All Gone is putting together the best release of the year shot by some artists from all over the world.

This All Gone 2016 is available at only 3000 copies and you can pre-order your copie on Club75’s website for shipping on January 20th.

All Gone 2016 All Gone 2016

Nicolas Foret

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