An AI made a fake Travis Scott song

  • Yann Allui
  • 2 years Ago
  • Musique

AI is the future of humanity and if you had doubts well don’t cause a digital agency just proved that AIs can also make music.

Space150 just dropped a song that could change things heavily in the music business. After 2 weeks of being fed Travis Scott beats and lyrics, an AI created a song that the real Travis Scott could have come up with. The song is titled “Jack Park Canny Dope Man“, and the AI artist is funnily named Travis Bott. The song came along with a video clip, that shows a Travis Scott look-alike with a blurred face, making for an even funnier experience. The lyrics are pretty close to lyrics that LaFlame himself could have come up with. If it’s as easy for machines to produce hit songs, things might get scary in the industry.

Yann Allui

Rédacteur / Team WAVE®

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