Attack On Titan’s original drawing boards were posted

  • Hugo Tannieres
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Attack On Titan the most trending shonen that recently concluded its third season, was back in time far from unanimous.

Shonen Jump represents on of the biggest manga magazine in Japan, if you are published in it you’re pretty much the top of the notch. But let’s behave like we are a mangaka: how to convince the editor that your project is worth being published? Furthermore for a complex story line like SNK, better be prepared. The most optimum solution is to bring some drawing boards that will really project what will be in the final state of the manga, something that Isayama made back in 2009. Even though Shonen Jump declined his entry, Attack On Titan being too violent and dark compared to the existing series, Kodansha another massive publishing agency took the risk and SJ are without a doubt regretting this decision.

Attack On Titan roughs are readable now here.

Hugo Tannieres

Rédacteur / Team WAVE®

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