Carhartt WIP unveils a capsule collection dedicated to Fela Kuti

  • Hugo Tannieres
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In order to pay tribute to the pioneer of Afrobeat, Carhartt WIP unveiled a new capsule collection. Featuring many details, patterns and consistent colour work, this capsule will also be accompanied by the very limited edition reissue of the vinyl “Live In Detroit 1986”.

Born from the fusion of traditional West African music and strong jazz and funk aspirations, Afrobeat was created and developed by Fela Kuti. In addition to the development of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti was also a great defender of human rights, known for his committed lyrics based on his group’s music.
A complete tribute to Kuti, his music and his native Nigeria, the capsule is drifted by a shirt, bob and shorts with a yellow “Fela” pattern on a khaki and black base. There is also a black shirt with the inscription “Puff Puff Pass”, a famous inscription from Kuti’s classic “Expensive Shit”. A Carhartt WIP Fela logo also appears on black cargo pants. Finally, the capsule ends with a long-sleeved t-shirt with the inscription “DRUGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE SHRINE”, a slogan found at the entrance of the new Afrika sanctuary, a tribute to Kuti’s career and life, founded by his son, Femi.

This capsule, rich in history, culture and colour, will be available on April 4 on the Carhartt WIP website and in the brand’s stores.

Carhartt WIP Fela Kuti

Carhartt WIP Fela Kuti

Carhartt WIP Fela Kuti

Carhartt WIP Fela Kuti

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