Channel 13 organizes a pop-up around three English brands

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Channel 13 at the end of March is makes cross the Channel to bring together three English clothing brands between vintage and ready-to-wear.

Indeed while Gaijin Paris has treated the Japanese side, the three UK brands bring together the whole spectrum of vintage, respectively in their own ways. Dukes Cupboard is at the very heart of thrifting: bringing together a large number of second-hand pieces from all genres. The other two surf on the vintage look, while offering new products. The Lurkers plays on the codes and vibes of an era: Windows 95, the Supreme photo tee by mixing this with original creations. Finally Homage Tees as its name suggests, honours iconic rap, pop, series, films and video games figures, all in the aesthetics of 70s and 80s T-shirts, between kitsch and grandiose.

This special vintage pop-up and to be found at Channel 13 at 35 rue du Feaubourg Saint Denis in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

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