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Yesterday evening, Adidas celebrated the start of its Home of Classics campaign by opening a pop-up space named “Carte Blanche” ( meaning White Card) in Paris.

For the occasion, artists of the likes of  Vladimir CauchemarIAMDDB and Roméo Elvis showed up to show their support by performing at the event. The creative space that is La Carte Blanche is a tribute to the many classics created by the brand. The installation is also filled with a basketball court, an indoor soccer fiels as well as a customization workshop. La Carte Blanche is more of a cultural space rather than just a simple pop-up. As such it takes us into the rich history of the brand and works as a bridge between generations by linking past and modern streetwear culture. The Home of Classics collection will be available on the 1st of june on the official website of Adidas.

Event Schedules :

May 24th (Friday) 8pm to 10pm
• 8pm/9pm: DJ Endrixx (DJ SET)
• 9pm/9:30pm : Dinos (SHOWCASE)
• 9:30pm/10pm : Twenty9 (DJ SET)

May 25th 10am to 8pm
• 11am/12pm : soccer tournament
• 2pm/8pm : basketball tournament
• 4pm/7pm : dancing performance by The Dress led by famous hip hop choregrapher Carmel Loanga
• 6pm: vernissage of Léa Augereau who is an artist known for her paintings that are celebrating strong women
• 6pm : presentation of a collection made by La Draft (upcycling)

May 26th 10am to 8pm
• 12:30pm/6pm : show & dancing face-off organised by Nawel Nabu, a contemporary hip hop dancer
• 6pm : vernissage of Jeanne Briand, young artist who mixes craftsmanship and new technologies
• 3pm /7pm : basketball tournament

photos by : Flora Metayer

Yann Allui

Rédacteur / Team WAVE®

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