COOGI sues Nike, New Era and the NBA for the Brooklyn Nets alternate jersey

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The Australian brand COOGI is suing Nike, New Era and the NBA for using a Notorious tribute pattern on the Brooklyn Nets alternate jersey.

As part of the development of the “Alternate” jerseys, Nike and the Brooklyn Nets wanted to pay tribute to the legendary New Yorker Biggie Smalls. As a result, the “Brooklyn camo” motif was created, based on the idea of Notorious’ iconic jumper. Used by Nike on the alternate jersey of the Nets and on the various other products of the franchise, then by the cap company New Era, this pattern is now a problem.
Indeed, the Australian brand COOGI, historically known for having designed Biggie’s jumper, is asking for justice. Initially registered under the collection names “Pea Soup” and “Ricotta”, COOGI therefore attacked both firms for using a registered design.
Very close to the Australian brand, Notorious has often paid tribute to the brand in several of its titles, including the famous “Big Poppa” and “Hypnotize”.
In any case, the famous multicoloured pattern is now a problem. Now even the NBA is getting involved in this story as its spokesman, Mike Bass, recently stated that the brand’s claims are totally unfounded. However, the COOGI brand replied that the question had been around since the jersey was launched last November.

A matter to be followed, then, to find a happy outcome for all those involved in this matter.

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