Le Coq Sportif x ASOS White

  • Hubert Sonnet
  • 4 years Ago
  • Le Coq Sportif

ASOS White, the famous e-shop label, associates for their first collaboration with Le Coq Sportif in a pack of two models, the Eclat and Flash.

Eclat offers a full pony marine vamp (fake fur of course), a blue speckled white sole, leather accents including patent heel and two sets of laces that are offered with. Flash offers a completely different concept, the upper is holographic silver-colored leather (or iridescent) and placed on a white sole, still two sets of laces are planned.

Rather surprising collaboration between ASOS White and Le Coq Sportif for this package but we can say that this motion is successful between the two brands. The Eclat and Flash will be available respectively at 120€ and 100€, on the ASOS website on 25 November.


ASOS-White-x-Le-Coq-Sportif-Eclat ASOS-White-x-Le-Coq-Sportif-Eclat-1 ASOS-White-x-Le-Coq-Sportif-Flash ASOS-White-x-Le-Coq-Sportif-Flash-1 ASOS-White-x-Le-Coq-Sportif-Flash-2

Le Coq Sportif x ASOS White, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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