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On the occasion of his RETROspective exhibition displaying his collection of over 3000 pairs, Andre Ljustina aka CroatianStyle spoke with our friends from Be Street about his career in the sneaker game. This reseller familiar to sneakerheads and active on eBay since the early 2000s looks back on the evolution of this practice and tells a few stories that will certainly make you smile.



B.S: Nike’s policy on the black market and resale is fairly strict. If they somehow read this interview, what would you like to tell them?

Well an eBay dunk was made a decade ago… the notion was embraced back then as it should be today. Reselling has gone a bit too far but this is how and why people collect things. They buy things that hold value plain and simple. If there was zero value to the product, no one would give a shit about it. If a product doesn’t hold its retail value or a premium value above its original cost, no one would buy it in the same manner it’s bought today. Take away the allure of having something others want but can’t have is the human behavior behind most of the current state of the sneaker world.

If one day all these Jordans aren’t worth anything, it will go back to the days of them going on sale and eventually selling out. In a perfect world, a product sold for $150 is worth $150 not a penny more and sells out millions of quantities per day to the final consumer’s hands without passing through any others before them over and over again daily. I can’t think of one product the world has seen that can do that… if that was the case we can all go to the Super Bowl, the NBA finals and the World Cup at face value because each stadium and arena holds millions of seats, right? We can all own a Picasso for a couple of hundred dollars and buy a Ferrari and a Honda Civic at the same price, right? I’ll actually own my own line of apparel soon… I would love for it to sell out and people to trade secondary with it, that’s when you know you’ve succeeded and having the ability to keep that going is a feat of its own.

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