Drake, Kendrick and Childish Gambino refuse to perform at the Grammys

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For several years now, the world of music has been in evolution and of course some of institutions that compose it are not necessarily able to follow.

The Grammy ceremony is still one of the most recognized musical institutions in the US and in the world. Despite its popularity, the general frustration with the choices of awards given to which we are entitled every year weighs more and more on the ceremony. First praised as a grail for every artist, the Grammy ceremony seems to have lost its glory. While Ariana Grande had recently decided to cancel her performance because of the obligations imposed on her, we have just learned that Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Childish Gambino all refused to perform during the ceremony. Even more disturbing, none of them confirmed their participation in the ceremony.

Despite this big hit, the ceremony can still count on the presence of artists such as Travis Scott, Cardi B and Lady Gaga to do the show, but the refusals of K-dot, Drizzy and Gambino do not announce anything good for the ceremony. The risk would be that the balance of power would change and that only artists who are promised a reward would show up. This practice is already very popular, but of course if this happens, the Grammys will lose all credibility. But who could judge such an act if its existence was questioned… to be continued.

In music related news, 6ix9ine still behind the bars dropped a song with french rapper Lacrim.

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