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Artists who combine a passion for painting the sneaker and are not legions in France and find one that excels in field are not common. Samper Jordan is one of his artists who brilliantly transcribe their love of basketball through their arts. Swish currently exhibiting at some of his works, photo-realistic, Jordan Samper kind enough to answer our questions. SA: Hello Jordan, can you tell us since when you meddle your passion for sneakers and paint? JS: This is recent finally, I was doing portraits for ten years and I had reached a stage where I was missing something. My collection of sneakers taking more and more important, it happened naturally. Painting sneakers proved obvious. SA: You’re long Sneakers Addict? JS: I’m from the early 90s, but all that was intensified when I arrived in Paris and sharing on the internet. It’s been six years that I think of nothing else SA: Do you have any favorite models? JS: Basically experienced models, all those I have had in school at this time, the Jordan 7 Hare, The Reebok Pump or Blacktop SHAQ .. It there’s free patterns around me and I remember perfectly and which are marked with memories .. The infrared Jordan 6 black, the Aqua Jordan 8, the Robinson, Pat Ewing among others .. Nice big year anyway. It amuses me to find them on the class photos of these years. At the time, for each new pair, he was a civil ceremony in my room. I was sleeping my last purchase at the foot of my bed in the morning to find her barely open eyes. I confess do it again. (Laughter) SA: You’re a true fan of the first moments. Besides .. Jordan is your real name? Or a tribute to Michael Jordan? (Laughs) JS: Yes! This is my ‘True’ name! SA: Nice coincidence! JS: It was a little rough at the time, I did not call me that. I wish my middle name Cedric, but life makes us change. And it is a pride now! My parents had a nose in 1979 long before Michael Jordan! SA: You are currently exposed in swish, how it is spent meeting? JS: I came to the opening of the shop to congratulate Axel and Aurelian, it is a dream for any enthusiast to open such a shop. And when I arrived, this does not happen as planned. This is Axel, who finally congratulated me because he knew that I had managed to dig up a Nike Mag. Aurelian and Axel came to buy a really special for their shop and we are recognized as holders of French Nike Mag. We talked about everything and nothing and we ended up talking about painting. I showed them what I did and they both loved SA: Do you have any projects on which you would like to work? JS: In the coming months, will change my Sneakers painting. I feel it’s telling me itch! I think my two loves painting portraits and sneakers will do that soon. I want one for now, this is exposed in a particular place and not another. I can not say more for now … SA: Finally, have you passed a message to readers SneakersAddict.com? JS: I would say we are all here to have fun. We share the same ‘addiction’ So keep smiling and let us not go to war! We must preserve this passion for the sneaker so that it remains a joy every day. SA: Real talk! Thank you for these words Jordan. JS: Thank you! You can discover the works of Jordan Samper currently in the sneaker shop Swish, 87 Rue de Longchamp, 75016 Paris. The occasion also find the latest release Nike, Jordan, Converse or NSW. The price of his works are available on request. More info: Jordan Samper

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