French rapper Zola releases its first awaited album

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The moment of truth is finally approaching for Zola who has announced the release date of his next album with his tracklist. An album that has been slow to come out, but which finally arrives very early in his young career.

Only 19 years old, the young rapper from Haute-Saône, but based in Evry, shook up French rap in 2017. Signed in the producer’s AWA gang, Zola now has all the cards in hand to ensure the success of her first album. However, Zola didn’t make the mistake that many may have made for a first opus and limited himself to 3 featuring. Key Largo with whom he met his first big success, Ninho and the young No Name who could benefit from a great visibility with this presence on the project. Three is also the number of singles on which he can already rely to promote the project. Zolabeille, Exasty and especially Ouais Ouais have been running on YouTube for some time now and already provide pretty stream results to the project.

We don’t yet know if Zola will succeed in fulfilling the expectations that have been structured around him with this first album, but one thing is certain, it will be awaited at the turn by the entire industry. Cicatrices album by Zola will be available on April 05.

In the rest of the news, the Supreme x Stone Island capsule will be released on Thursday.

zola cicatrices

zola cicatrices

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