French retailer Go Sport got caught on Twitter of destroying a stock of brand new sneakers

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This is the big Bad Buzz of the day and it comes from Twitter where a user denounced french retailer GoSport as responsible for cutting and throwing away pairs of new sneakers.

The object of the crime was therefore seen in a dumpster in front of the GoSport store at Porte de Chatillon in Paris. This bin was filled with new pairs slashed and thrown away. The Twitter user was therefore logically offended by this practice, far from the ecological trends of anti-waste currently advocated by the state. A large scale bad buzz was then activated on social networks and on the various media, a bad buzz that the group would have avoided.



It is also logical that the stakeholders in this case immediately made their voices heard and the fastest was the Secretary of State for Energy Transition, Brune Poirson. The latter was outraged by the practice and replied that “producing to destroy is over. (The anti-waste law) will force brands to stop overproduction by better managing their inventories. ». It should be recalled that 900 million euros of unsold products are destroyed each year in France.



Subsequently, it was the GoSport group that came forward to respond to the controversy. According to the group, it was “only mismatched shoes, of different sizes making them unusable, both for donation and for sale in stores. “before specifying that the stores “are in contact with local associations to who they regularly donate products that cannot be sold but can still be used”. This information is impossible to verify since the group did not communicate on these local associations in question.

It was in response to all this that the user finally replied that this was not the case, that it was possible to find real pairs. A story that will not end up making people talk.

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