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The sneaker is seen by some as a fad, for others it’s a passion, a lifestyle show. Around this essential element is that your outfit is a developed world, concepts, products. Thus it is not uncommon to see paintings, T-shirts, key chains see the sculptures on the theme of basketball. However, as in some areas all have their own style, talent (or not at all). This is as certain as Futura or Dave White have created a solid reputation among sneaker addict and have become living legends of the sneaker and street culture. Beyond its other prestigious names trying to get a place. This is the case of Q, talented designer that had the opportunity to interview. Q Hey how are you? Good and you? There is no better, there’s even the sun! Can you tell us something about you? Course. My name is Quincy Renon, but many know me under the pseudonym of Q. I’m 37 and I live in Holland with my wife and our cats. I am an illustrator / designer freelance, but I also work part time in a shop. We have known for several years through forums on the sneakers (as Lacebag ). When did you started collecting sneakers? Why? I was always in sneakers actually, but it took much more momentum in 1996 when I got interested in the Air Max and Jordan. Why did I start? skate shoes are perfect to skate but poor comfort when walking, so I put in the running for walking more comfortable. Do you have a preferred brand? An essential model? I am interested more in Nike and other brands because they go further in terms of design and technology. I like the design of Nike 90 years until today, the Air Max 90 to the entire Alpha Project (note: Nike Presto, Nike Air KuKini, P Phaze Nike Air, Nike Shox BB4, Air Max Ultra , Air Max 2000, Nike Zoom Seismic to name a few) in 2000 but all that may contain the collection and Nike Lunar Flyknit today. My favorite pair is the Nike Air Max 1994, but the Air Max 1 Safari and Presto are very well placed on my list. I have seen many beautiful photos of your ‘what did you wear today’, with lots of variety Many classic, but also pairs of lesser known and more technical. What do you think the current sneakergame and all the hype surrounding it? Brands rely too much on the effect limited editions at the moment. If they want to make money, they do the general releases. The whole universe to the collector also changed. The former addicts were accustomed to move in different cities, buying pairs and they really liked that they wore proudly. Now people are camping for the umpteenth limited editions with 85% of campers who are there just to sell it in stride and who have nothing to do with the pair itself. The sneakers are limited and clothing as an investment stock now. You are the man at the base of Kwills Project. What really? Kwills is my name as a freelance illustrator, it’s not really a project. This is ‘Kwinz’ and ‘Illustrator’ combined with a nod to the pencil. You just realized collaborations with SneakerFreaker which is one of the best forums and magazines devoted to sneakers, but also with Overkill , a famous German shop. There is also your project with Puma and one on which we work together at this time. What do you think of this? I love working on collabs, it’s really fun and it can meet people with different ideas and visions. We love the sneakers and you want to have the best possible result every time. I learned a lot from that. Do you have any other projects currently underway? Yes. I work on a side project, I can not say much for now, apart from its name: The Quebec Project. Currently your business is based primarily on T-shirts and canvas. Do you do different things in the future? In the past I’ve done different projects, for example, I made ​​a comic for children’s magazine. But it’s true that right now I focus more on T-shirts and canvas. The time will come when I would pass something other than sneakers, I do not want to be known as my canvas on the subject. I have many other projects, but one thing at a time! What is your favorite design? Which one sells best? One I prefer is the one I made ​​for the expo Overkill, the Adidas Torsion S Network. Those who encounter the most successful is probably that of the Air Max 1, I wonder how many times I was asked to draw it. Each design I make is unique, there will be none of the same, unless it is a different color. In this case it’s not a problem. We really think you have much talent, and that we would be surprised to be alone. Your recent partnership with Puma is the perfect example. You’re a sneaker addict, you draw … c is on that you think about your own pair. If a brand were to knock on your door to offer you a collab on a sneaker, on which models would you work? Thank you. I wish I could make a Nike Air Presto and a Puma States (note: a derivative from Puma Sweden) Line Shadow Society. A Nike Zoom FC or a Nike Air Trainer 2 SB Nike range would be very interesting also. Q, a little word you want to tell readers Thank you for taking the time to read the interview. Buy and wear what you like, do not pay attention to others. Do things as you like and enjoy it.

Q, thank you for the interview, see you soon for our collab. Fare thee well! Collaboration between Kwills and coming soon! Pictures of the work of Q are available at the end of the article and its page on Facebook —————————— ————————————————– – For Some People, fashion sneakers is just a thing, For Some Others it’s a passion, or a way of life. Being the cornerstone Sneakers (cornerstone) Between him everyday, new concepts, new products and Even Their everyday universe. That Being Said, There You Will find different approches, Sensibilities, styles and skills. This is how some, like Futura or Dave White built a strong reputation Themselves in the sneaker world and Became addict living legends. Goal in the shadow Of Those superstars, Some Are working hard to make a name themeselves.

Q Hi, how are you?

very fine, how are you? I’m in a great mood, Even the sun is here today! Can you say Some words about you? Yes i can. My name is Quincy Renon goal MOST people know me by ‘Q’.

I’m 37 years old, living in the Netherlands with my wife and cats.
Occupation is a freelance illustrator / draftsman and at this time aussi work parttime in a store.

We Know Each Others sneakerheads through the boards since years now. When did you started collecting sneakers and why? I always Had a thing for sneakers goal really Took it off in 1996 After getting in touch with Air Max and Air Jordans.

Why i started? Skateshoes Were pretty thin to skate in order to walk in terrible so i switched to runners for a more comfort ride.

Do you have a favorite brand? sneakers? I tend to look more at Nike Than Other Brands Because THEY always push the envelope in design and technology.

I like the Nike designs About did in the 1990s up untill now, from the Air Max 90 to The Whole Project Alpha in 2000 to The Whole Lunar and Flyknit Nowadays technology.
My favorite sneaker Has To Be The Air Max 1994, although the Air Max 1 and Air Presto atmos safari are pretty high on my list too.

I’ve seen Many Of what did your nice wear your picks today, a lot of variety, And Many classics. What do you think about the actual sneaker game and all this hype around it?

The brands today Seem to Rely too much on the limited hype-thing, If They really want to make money just do general releases.
The Whole collecting landscape changed as well; Where the older shoe-lovers Used To visit different cities and buy shoes THEY loved and wear ’em proudly, now it’s lining up for the umpteenth limited release with 85% of that line characteristics of, resellers looking to make Not Giving a quick Euro 2 cents about the shoe.
Limited shoes and apparel are the currency These Days.

You ‘re the man behind Kwills. What’s this project all about? how did you get the idea? Kwills Actually the name is as freelancing illustrator, not really a project.

It’s ‘Kwinz’ and ‘Illustrator’ combinée Into one word with a nod to the quill too.

You just made ​​Some collaborations with Sneakerfreaker , one of the best sneakers source, Overkill , a famous german shop, Puma, and we are working together on something too. What’s on your mind about this? I love doing collaborations, it’s really fun to do and i get to Meet different people with different ideas and visions.

We love sneakers and want to get the best results from doing the projects, i learn a lot from That.
Are you working on Some Other projects Actually?

Yes i am.

One new project being has next to Kwills, i can not really tell too much about except the name, the Quebec Project.

Actually Kwills activity is more about T-shirts and canvas sneakers. Do you think you Will make things different in the near future? In the past I’ve done different Kinds of work Such as working as a comic artist for a children’s magazine aims the focus is more on These Days t-shirts and sneakers canvases .

The time wil come where i Will Be switching up from sneakers to doing Other subjects, i just do not have to Be Known only the guy Who Does sneaker canvases. There’s more in the bag, Time has to be right For That.

What’s your favorite canvas? which one is the more succesfull? My current favorite one is the adidas Torsion Network S i did for the expo-Overkill.

The Most succesfull one is the Air Max 1, How Many Times I Get Asked to draw That shoe.
Every Thing is i paint shoe is one-off year, no one second Will Be Made. UNLESS There are different colorways then it’s no problem.

We really think you make an amazing work, and I’m pretty sure we are not alone. Your recent event with Puma is the perfect example. You are doing a sneaker addict Some artworks. It’s safe Thought you about your own pair. If a brand Will knock at your door and offer you this Possibility; Which models do you you want to work there? Thank you.

I’d love to work on the Nike Air Presto and Puma States has from the Shadow Society online.
Although gold has CF Zoom from the Nike Trainer 2 SB-line will not hurt Either.

Q, you want to say something at the sneakersaddict readers? Thank you for Taking the time out to read this little interview.

Buy and wear what you like, do not look too much at the next man. Do your own thing and just enjoy it.
Quincy Renon | draftsman
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Sneakers Kwills Post:
Q Thank you, Will see you soon for our collab. Take care of yourself!
The Collaboration Between Kwills and is coming soon! Stay tuned
You Can See Some are historical canvases Kwlls Facebook .

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