Is Kanye West ready to sign with Vans in 2017 ?

  • Jeremy Goaziou
  • 3 years Ago
  • Vans

This may sound incredible, though, let us tell you about the facts that lead us to ask ourselves this question. There are a little over a week, a reliable source close to our team told us that negotiations were ongoing between Kanye West and Californian brand Vans. According to our source, Kanye West would end his contract with adidas late 2016 to start a new contract with Vans in 2017. This seemed unlikely until yesterday and a photo posted on Twitter showing Kanye wearing a pair of Vans Full Cab along with Kendrick Lamar.

The question remains open, but this information may seem far-fetched at first is not to be excluded from the discussions. Indeed, the appeal of Kanye West for skateboarding and its alternative labels galaxy seems growing and a few lines of his latest song “No More Parties in LA” are explicit: “some days I’m in my Yeezys, some days I’m in my Vans.”

Do you think a new contract beetween Kanye and Vans is possible ? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.


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Jeremy Goaziou


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8 Responses

  1. Cholo says:

    Sounds ridiculous, but this guy can do anything …

  2. Fungus says:

    Vans Yeezy Native Visvim SK8-High on the way ….

  3. Обычный профиль says:

    what is the model on him?

  4. Alejandro Stoica says:

    To be honest, Kanye designs would work way better than adidas with Vans and guys like Taka Hayashi .. I think the only reason he switched with adi is Money, this was not a 1st choice to him

    • Houston B. says:

      My personal theory is : Adidas was fed up about “Fact” so they told Ye to slow-down .. Ye did’nt like it, so it push this 100% non-adidas picture with Kendrick to tell them he do not give a fuck

  5. Eli M. says:

    Seriously vans and kanye? A hiphop with vans? Ive been skating for 11 years with vans if this thing happens il stop wearing vans. if youre a hardcore you know what im talking about!

  6. jack says:

    LOL fuck offf cunt look who was wrong

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