Joan Cornellà tackles Kim Jong-Un in his new artwork

  • Hugo Tannieres
  • 2 years Ago
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Always in his atypical style, Joan Cornellà continues to promote his works and this time he is preparing for Valentine’s Day. His K-Love figurines will be released this week.

A few months after releasing the new color of his Selfie Gun figurine, Joan Cornellà is back with new vinyl figurines. This time, he has chosen Valentine’s Day, which is shaping up to turn North Korean President Kim Jong-un into a messenger of love. It features a chubby figure that looks just like the North Korean president holding a small red heart in his hand. As with the Selfie Gun, there are two outfits: one with a green uniform and the other with a blue uniform. Of course, these new figurines are once again the result of a collaboration with the Hong Kong gallery AllRightsReserved, and will therefore be on display at the gallery. All the K-love figures will be signed and available on its website on February 12th at a price of around 200€.

Hugo Tannieres

Rédacteur / Team WAVE®

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