Joji reaches Billboard Hip-Hop / R&B’s first place

The first time an asiatic artist made it to the top

  • Hugo Tannieres
  • 2 years Ago
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US rap better be careful, Asian new wave is coming and they’re not here for playing, as testify Joji’s first place for his album BALLADS 1.

Praised as a youtuber at first, Joji that used to be called on his internet alias Filthy Frank made crazy videos with various fictional personalities and characters such as Pink Guy, the persona at the Harlem Shake’s origin. Even though he had more serious musical projects that he kept for his friends and family, George Miller never dared to share it publicly until recently, which ended his characters’ lives and memes. He joins the label 88rising along various artists from the Asiatic scene such as Keith Ape or Rich Brian to finally express and share his lascivious and languid tones. Two projects only and Joji is already at the top of the very prestigious Billboard Hip-Hop top as well as the third place of the all categories top 200.

Joji’s album BALLADS 1 est available since 26th October on all the streaming platforms.

In other music related news, Not All Heroes Wear Capes gets a Deluxe edition.

Hugo Tannieres

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