Joker promises one of the darkest Batman movies to date

  • Hugo Tannieres
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While we’re flooded with superhero movies from both Marvel and DC Comics sides, the Joker trailer has just been released and announces the color.

Far from the prankster Shazam or the blazing Captain Marvel, Joker is in the same lineage as the Dark Knight of Nolan, where the story of Batman’s most iconic nemesis is told. A tormented man, wandering around looking for a purpose in life until he was lost in madness. The story takes place in Gotham City, the bat man’s notorious city, at a time when Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered outside a movie theater. A city of omnipresent crime, the trailer shows various slices of the villain’s life, between sessions with the psychologist, humiliations, anger,, joys and what looks like the meeting between the two rivals, when the Joker “sculpts” a smile in the face of a child who should be the young Bruce Wayne. The macabre character is played by Joaquin Phoenix for an acting game that promises a performance like Nicholson or Ledger, considered by many to be the best Joker in cinema.

A trailer that unveils at least, for a hype at its height, Joker will be released on October 9 in the dark rooms.

Hugo Tannieres

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