Jun Takashi reinvents Ralph Lauren’s bear in the latest John Undercover collection

  • Hugo Tannieres
  • 11 months Ago
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The designer is once again revisiting Western culture in his own way with the latest John Undercover collection.

Japanese designers have been inspired many times by European and American traditions. Yamamoto immortalized the pin-ups on leather jackets, Issey Miyake affixed his logo to the bombers and Jun himself multiplied tributes to music with Talking Heads, Joy Division and many others. This is a predominantly American subculture that Jun is targeting, the Lo Life. The younger ones may not know this term, but it defined a group of people who mostly owned Ralph Lauren pieces, with a desire to have the rarest piece, similar to today’s hypebeasts. Thus it is the iconic bear’s horse brand that has been represented in Undercover sauce, a punk bear holding a brain, illustrating the alienation theme dear to Jun, as well as a kind of reaper carrying a bear’s head accompanied by the term Gesamtkunstwerk which is the desire to reflect the unity of life, or here death, the one of the traditional Polo bear Ralph Lauren.

These various visuals are derived on t-shirts, sweaters, caps and available now in instore Undercover shops exclusively in Japan.

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