Kanye West and his dad are testing cars in “Follow God”

  • Yann Allui
  • 2 years Ago
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Kanye West just released the first video clip off his last album “Jesus Is King” and it’s the “Follow God”song which is the lucky winner of the tracklist.

Kanye West remain as divisive as ever and this despite his sudden regain of spirituality. When first hearing of his last album being named “Jesus Is King”, we would have thought that it was a return to the old Kanye. The truly spiritual one. But it is in reality for the most part an egotistical rant for salvation. Kanye West is not Yeezus anymore but it’s not by choice, public opinion drove him into a corner that lead him to find an answer which is the Sunday Service. The visual choice made by Kanye for the video clip of “Follow God” is proof that even though he turned to minimalism, Kanye is still an apostle of materialism. The setting of the video finds him and is dad in his Wyoming ranch testing strange cars and making sermons to the mountains.

Yann Allui

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