Lacoste L!VE x Osamu Tezuka 2013 Capsule Collection

  • Guillaume Souche
  • 5 years Ago
  • Clothing

Osuma Tesuka was a pioneer in the Manga history, his creations are cultissim and they have influenced many generations.

For Spring/summer ’13, the brand Lacoste L!VE pays tribute to the iconic japanese Artist/creator with a capsule made of several Tees and Pique-polo shirts in collaboration with Tezuka Productions, where the designer Hiroaki Ohya used his favorites scenes from the three Tesuka’s Materpieces: Astro Boy, The Mysterious Underground Man, and Black Jack, in the conception of the Lacoste L!VE x Osamu Tezuka 2013 Capsule Collection‘s graphisms wich is set to drop by the end of this month.

lacoste-lve-x-osamu-tezuka-2013-capsule-collection-1 lacoste-lve-x-osamu-tezuka-2013-capsule-collection-2 lacoste-lve-x-osamu-tezuka-2013-capsule-collection-3 lacoste-lve-x-osamu-tezuka-2013-capsule-collection-5 lacoste-lve-x-osamu-tezuka-2013-capsule-collection-6 lacoste-lve-x-osamu-tezuka-2013-capsule-collection-7

Guillaume Souche

/ team WAVE®

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