Legit Check : How to recognize fake sneakers

Tose that are in this game for now a long time will all tell you the same thing : You should always buy your sneakers on the release date and instore … this is the best way to get it for the retail price and make sure of the quality ! But this is not always possible,wether this is because we are new in the sneaker game and looking for old stuff or because you are opening your mind to new sneakers eldorados that you so far never really cared about.

Anyway we all have a good reason to look arround and trying to find sneakers on other places than Brick and Mortar Sneakers shops.
So follow SneakersAddict and make sure you will never front again a fake pair of sneakers when opening a parcell !

1. Build solid foundations!

Before buying, you should choose the model you are looking for and learn from it on mainstream sneakers medias, so you are sure to know the exact name, serial number and it’s average price.This looks to be obvious and cumbersome at the same time, but this is still the best way to escape from some scams.


2. Learn about the model/ colorway you are trying to buy.

Make sure this model really exist and was commercialized by the Brand. Carefully look at every details, this is how you will be able to recognize fake sneakers. A strange shape, uggly stitching, different materials than what has been used on the original, this is how you can make the difference between the real and fake products.(For example, a red Jumpman logo on the Jordan 6 infrared’s heel is clearly saying you are in front of a fake Air Jordan 6)


3. Un trop bon plan est souvent un très mauvais plan.

If someone you don’t know is trying to sell you a pair of sneaker for only 20% of it’s retail price : it’s always a bad idea !


4. Identify fake sneakers resellers.

Avoid websites selling fake sneakers by recognizing them  (see our file about fake Sneakers).


5. On ebay and other forums :


    • On eBay and other specialized forums :Never purchase any product when without pictures that does not seems to be the taken by the reseller recently.


    • Ask for some tagged pictures. Tagged pictures must show the pair of sneakers and a paper sheet showing the seller’s nickname and current date. Ask for a tagged picture helps to make sure that the sneakers belongs to the reseller.Some resellers will even show you pictures of legit sneakers they took from the web but will send you a fake pair. Always make sure that the pictures are showing you the sneakers’ serial number and ideally the box. The 2 must match and you can ask google to help you out and make sure the serial correspond to the model you are buying.


    • Pictures are sometimes taken in a way that hides defects, do not hesitate to ask for more tagged pictures. A reseller that does not want to give enough details or running away from buyers that are too interested in the product they are trying to buy is often a sign that something is going wrong with the sneakers or the reseller.


    • Always prefer recurring Sellers (avoid Ebay sellers with no feedback) .. When in a forum you can always look up what the seller sold in the past and how did it work … you can even get in touch with previous clients and check with them if things went fine.


You followed our previous advices to the letter, but you still have a doubt ? You will always find somebody to help you out on our Facebook Page.


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