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  • Nicolas Foret
  • 3 years Ago
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WAVE launch today its official Spotify playlists that mix all the hottest rap tunes.

It’s hard to sort out the best of all these releases available everyday on the internet in the giant hip-hop world. It’s also important to make some choice in order to find the best song that will follow you during your journey. We decide to mix all the best of the hip-hop world scene in our 15 hours long playlist curated by the WAVE Team, From Lil Wo to Playboi Carti without forgetting the French rap scene, we try to make a small photography of our music culture on one platform. This playlist will be also updated every week with some fresh tunes to constantly bring some new comers in your ears.

You can listen to the official WAVE playlist right now on Spotify.

Nicolas Foret

Responsable éditorial / Team WAVE®

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