Maharishi celebrates Chinese New Year with the Year of the Boar capsule

  • Hugo Tannieres
  • 6 months Ago
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Although it is 2019 for most since the beginning of January, our Chinese friends have just celebrated theirs, Maharishi pays tribute to this year, embodied by the Boar.

After having made an unexpected and impressive capsule at the beginning of the year with Nike, the London label dedicates a collection mixing outerwear and tops where the theme remains this astrological sign. A true tradition every year, rooted in the brand’s DNA and aesthetics, Maharishi performs story telling to the full and presents its capsule by staging it in a Chinese restaurant, where models display the different pieces while degustating what we deduce is pork. There are no less than 4 t-shirts available in 2 colours, a bomber to choose from between 3 colours and a sticker plate.

This Year of the Boar collection is available now on Maharishi’s website and on END.

Vans and Purlicue also paid tribute to this year with the Fat Year capsule

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