New Asics Kiko Kostadinov Gel Sokat unveil themselves

  • Hugo Tannieres
  • 2 years Ago
  • Asics

The continuation of the collaboration between the designer and the sportswear brand is being written with this Asics Kiko Kostadinov Gel Sokat.

The latest release was three iterations of Gel Delva, the second silhouette of the partnership. However, this variation of colours was not unanimously accepted compared to the Gel Burz 1 and 2 and this new sneaker will bring a new look to the collaborators. This Gel Sokat has an internal and external lateral surface covered with a very striking asics initial on a plastic surface different from the rest of the pair. It is derived in three colours: purple, black and green, but another particularity is the fact that the internal panel completely breaks its uniformity with a silver and black surface respectively.

No information on a release date for the moment, but we will not hesitate to keep you informed about these Asics Kiko Kostadinov Gel Sokat.

In the rest of the news, the latest C2H4 collection looks like futuristic workwear.

Hugo Tannieres

Rédacteur / Team WAVE®

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