New Balance 1500 “Curry” : reshape

  • Christophe Bataille
  • 6 years Ago
  • New Balance

While our favorite brands are finding more efficient way to produce our sneakers, this sometimes comes with an impact on the shape we belove. And this is the case on the recent New Balance 1500. And one of the greatest running sneakers’ nation is about to share with you it’s tricks to keep an awesome shape will enjoying the hot recent release.

Our polish friend Marcin Wawrzyniec, with a free afternoon, a knife, an hairdryer and some  strong glue managed to get it’s New Balance 1500 Curry with a beautiful V shape.

Now this is how the beautiful NB1500 Curry comes out of the box :

As you can see this is nice but the toe box is a bit thick and rounded.


And here are the tools you will need to proceed :

A knife, a hairdryer and some glue (all right we don’t have them on the pic, but believe us you will need it).



So we start by separating the toe box from the mid sole until the whole suede is visible.


Once this is done, you have to separate the suede from the grey mesh.


Once the mesh separated from the suede you will see a syntetic tab inside the suede.


Remove it cautiously from the suede.


Now put back the suede so it covers back the mesh and put a little bit of glue between them so they stick together.


Now stick back the whole toe box with the mid sole. It is better to put more glue than necessary than not enough as you can always remove excess with your knife.


And now you have a shape that looks like the OG ones and as you can see it does make a great diference !




Conclusion :

If you are this type of guy that is in love with old school shapes and have spare time and are cautious, you should be able to handle this reshape and enjoy the result.



New Balance 1500 "Curry" : reshape, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
Christophe Bataille


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  1. Abigail says:

    I wear my boots with jeans.They are very warm. And that’s important in MI.

  2. Dittö Adjie says:

    is it applicable to nb 1400.. ?

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