New Balance 574 ‘Johnny Appleseed’

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When designers are inspired by famous people … Johnny Appleseed or Johnny Pepin de Pomme if you prefer. It means nothing to you? and although John Chapman was a missionary and botanist of the 19th century famous apple plant lice have in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Walt Disney has already paid tribute. Here is New Balance that will stick, and look the other way is what really interests us. The NB 574, since it is this model it is, therefore, takes a red color, burgundy (who said love apple) for suede, and a brighter red for the mesh. The laces and ‘within the pair are made ​​to remember the color of the chair of the apple. This will be an outsole by sublimating’ Gum. ‘You almost want to eat! The pair is available at Shoe Gallery in Miami.

New Balance 574 'Johnny Appleseed', 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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