Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Mettoud Man

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The Bespoke program, which currently is only available on Air Force 1 allows a lucky few to have a custom pair (a bit like NIKEiD but much further) and single (the combo is then blocked by Nike). To do this you must go to 21 Mercer Street and offload 820 small dollars. But when you love you do not count, especially when the product is quality! Mr Mettoud Man is therefore offered this little (big?) Pleasure in the month of February. With Bespoke, you can choose materials and colors independently for each yoke (making it a good 20aine per foot in the end), allowing to see the achievements so foolish with zebra or crocodile leather lining inside! (What about comfort?) In addition to its full potential, you can customize lacejewels, the tongue, and backtab (heel) with prints or embroidery. In short, what really do something unique! Mettoud Man has gone to the studio with a Bespoke color combo already well thought out and if you ever want to take the plunge, I suggest you do the same, as opportunities might drive you crazy! For him, everything goes with gray denim, suede beige, rubberized leather (leather look al rubber really successful) black and pink suede. Little mea culpa on his part, he would love to Kevlar and rubberized gray pink. Notice that the swoosh is different … $ 820 is a sum you tell me, but look at the photos below … materials and finishes are superb, nothing to do with what is usually found at Nike. This price also includes exemplary customer service, and Iz are the Mau to pamper you, and shipping, whether you’re in the U.S. or Tanzania. Want to make? Everything is done by appointment, and you have to take a few weeks in advance … And if you care to advance (at least 6 months) you can also achieved a Bespoke Destroyer, as Frank The Butcher that will cost you this time, just over $ 600.


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