Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke – Linen X Sakura – by P.Nguyen

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The Bespoke Nike Air Force 1 is certainly the craziest thing when it’s about sneakers . So many materials and colorways that you can do it exactly as you want , if you are ready to take a flight for New York and spend 820$ . P.Nguyen , aka BeerNutta on the sneakers boards made some bespokes, and this one is certainly his best one ( and in fact , one of the best bespoke made ).

you certainly know the feelings when you have to make a choice between two pairs, when you want to buy it or when you’re making an id. And when you love something , it’s impossible to make a choice. And that’s the concept for this Bespoke, mixing things you like. The Air Force 1 Linen from 2002 is must have for the AF1’s collectors but his soft leather isn’t that great. The Air Force 1 Ueno Sakura is one of the craziest AF1 ever made ,  cause of her history, her beautie and her rarity. Here you are hers worthy heiress.

P.Nguyen decided to use the Linen colorway but he switched the leather for premium suede from the Bespoke program ( he also changed the original pink outsole for a hum one ) and he added some Ueno details , like those lasered cherry petals. The result is just perfect !

Ready to make a Bespoke AF1 ?


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