Nike Air Force 1 Low + Dunk High ‘Olympic Pack’

  • Psy
  • 6 years Ago
  • Nike

The London Olympics fast approaching … And Nike with an extensive range of products for this type of event offers us something to be well shod! So in addition to numerous Air Jordan, Basketball Pack, probably a few models not yet released (you said Lebron?) And many offer a pack of Nike Air Force 1 and Dunk High, with either U.S. or BAR (Barcelona ) on the tabs, that in commemoration of the 1992 Olympics. The first Air Force 1 will be offered in a very Team USA colors, blue with gold swoosh, when the BAR will be a dominant red, a red quite attractive indeed. For Dunks, it will be the USA who will be red, with leather and ripstop and BAR will be red and black. No price reported so far, but these pairs should not exceed $ 135. Nike Air Force 1 Low 488298-604 (USA) 488298-406 (Barcelona) 317982-608 Nike Dunk High (USA) 317982-608 (Barcelona )


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