Nike Air Force 1 “Year of the Dragon 2?

  • Psy
  • 6 years Ago
  • Nike

Beginning of the year 2012 Nike launches the XXX for 30 years of Air Force 1. The Year of the Dragon is disclosed and is the first of this program. A single pair but with many details, and a brand new box. Only voila, the pair is predominantly black, a little sad for a sensible pair celebrated an animal often depicted in color. Except that from the beginning a rumor reported a second Year of the Dragon (YOTD), and here pointing the tip of his nose. The pair is colorful, with its gold swoosh, his blue leather and what appears to be a red snakeskin. Supreme finish with a leather midsole, the price would probably suffer and be in the same vein as the YOTD1. So, are you more or YOTD1 YOTD2?


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