Nike Air Max 95 “South Beach” 2015 “Retro”

  • Hubert Sonnet
  • 3 years Ago
  • Nike

It would be almost a retro if Nike hadn’t decided to make some changes (again …) on this 95 “South Beach”.

In 2008 Nike released the “Miami Pack” with several silhouettes, one of them  the Air Max 95 nicknamed “Miami Vice” because of its colors (and tongue inscription) that referred to the TV Show of the 80’s of the same name (check the worn picture). This 95 “South Beach” is a reissue, almost, since some modifications differentiate them. On the version of this year’s midsole is light gray, against white in 2008, the air bags are “Neon” instead of pink. Embroidery “Miami” on the tab is no longer present on this version 2015, the laces are different and some materials are voluntarily replaced.

For those who love the previous version and that don’t possess, it’s time to get this Air Max 95 “South Beach” provided in the coming weeks …






Hubert Sonnet

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