Nike Air Max 96 Retro for 2016 ?

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Many of Air Max have been retroed over the years, one thinks in particular of the Air Max 98 return in 2014 for instance.
But one that has never been retroed, and deserves a special attention, is perhaps the Air Max 96. Difficult for the Air Max 96 to exist between the Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 that are brand icons we need to admit. However the 1996 native is worthy of having its original retro, indeed this Air Max experienced “pseudo editions” in recent years. There was the Air Max 180 ’96 in 2007 and the Air Max 96 Evolve in 2012, two iterations which take a very similar upper. The designer of the 96 is the same as the Air Max 95, Sergio Lozano, who took a similarmidsole but completely different upper. It consists of leather along with mesh windows looks like shark fins. The area around the tongue would be a mix of the 95’s mesh and 97 for its 3M outline.

Some even say that the Air Max Plus (TN) of 1998 is strongly inspired from the 96. Only four colors came out in 96, two men (“Scream Green” and “Dark Concord”) and two women (“Varsity Royal” and “Mystic Teal”) colorways . It seems that the “Scream Green”retro appeared in 2006, unfortunately for us this Air Max 96 Retro never came out … We truly hope an Air Max 96 Retro for 2016, 20 years later, an anniversary that would make sense this year more than ever.

Newbies or seniors of the sneaker, what do you think of the Nike Air Max 96 Retro 2016? Feel free to leave us your impressions of this model in the comments section.









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