Nike Air Max Custom BY Dankcee Customs : True Blue , Leatherback and Questlove

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Customizing is an art that demands great mastery if you want to have a successful pair. And all the masters are well knows nowadays, but there are also those who are very discreet, but whose works deserves to be known, especially when the artworks are almost perfect ! Here are the customs from Dankcee Customs, San Antonio !

Customizing a sneakers require a lot of patience, and a great dexterity, more when trying to recreate the elephant print. Jake, aka Dankcee Custom is first collector and it taste for the well done work must come from here !

Here some pictures of what he can do. You can contact him on his Facebook account for more informations .

Air Max 90 ” Leatherback

Nike Air Max 90 ” True Blue

Nike Air Max 1 ” Questlove


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