Nike Air Revolution – 2013

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The Air Revolution takes its name from the fact that it is the first Nike Basketball designed to have the visible air bag. Released in 1987, shortly after the  Air Max 1, the Air Revolution quickly won the basketball players heart as much as the Hiphop rappers/fans.

A model certainly appreciated, but unfortunately fell a little into oblivion recently, probably because of the absence of recent reedition. Nike decided to catch up in 2013.

Of course you need a color OG to launch a wave of reissue and it’s the white / red / black who was chosen. Among the new colors, you can see a gray / black / blue / pink that looks pretty close to the Air Jordan IV worn by Chris Paul recently and should also see a release soon.

Do not run to your local dealer, the Air Revolution will not be available until early summer.

Photos: zzazin


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