Nike Air Yeezy 3: In preparation

  • Jeremy Goaziou
  • 10 years Ago
  • Nike

The Nike Air Yeezy 2 is not out yet, but we already have information for a future Nike Air Max 3 . Kanye West has announced via his twitter account that he was currently working on future lines of Yeezy 3 (he also informs us that he does not want chicken with herbs or cheese tortellini .. thank you Kanye). Given the success of the Yeezy and an almost guaranteed success of the two Yeezy, Nike and Kanye West would engage in one-upmanship they with one pair per year? Will we see a Yeezy 3 in 2013? What is your prognosis on the future inspirations of 3 Yeezy?

Jeremy Goaziou


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