Nike Dunk Low SB “Pushead 2? – Release Date

  • Psy
  • 6 years Ago
  • Nike

Pushead is a major artist of the punk scene. The California was rocked by the music and skate punk / hardcore. Having worked on several album covers in a style all his own (his work is often zombies / undead) after singer himself, Pushead ventures into other media such as skateboards, the toys (he has worked with Kaws), and what brings us here, a sneaker. Act 1: Dunk SB Low Pushead, released in 2005, a pair extremely original box with a personalized … a must have. July 2012. Act 2. July you say? Yes. the first photos appeared some months ago already, and the latest rumors reported a release in August. But eventually the U.S. release is scheduled on July 15. And certainly with us next week. The Pushead 2 is less innovative than the 1st, because it seems to take his inspiration on his senior. Same theme, same materials. By cons no special box here, but the new SB box, and a camo bag that contains the ’embers’ of the pair. She will be accompanied by a clothing line (with really cool tees) and a board. The retail will probably be around for the 100th pair.


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