Nike launches SNKRS App

  • Guillaume Souche
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A week ago Adidas announced the upcoming launch of the ‘Adidas Confirmed’ application which will allows Yankees Shopers to localise and to book a pair according to their localisation. In response, the swoosh brand has just confirmed the launch of its new application called ‘SNKRS’ wich will permit to IOS and Android users to follow releases from the Nike camp, including their favorite lineages, from Huaraches to Jordans to SBs. SNKRS will also allow users to easily purchase their kicks on-the-go, complete with real-time tracking information. SNKRS will release to a limited number of consumers beginning February 12 in New York at the Zoom City SNKRS Station. A wider release will arrive on the App Store and Google Play beginning later this spring..









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Guillaume Souche

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