Nike Lebron 9 ‘Engaged’ EP – Black Pink

  • Psy
  • 6 years Ago
  • Nike

On disposal of a Yeezy, many pairs were distributed to celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Jay Z etc.. And among the 3 colors ‘released’, the blink (the black pink) is the one that made ​​the most envious, it is not rare (all 3 colors Yeezy were apparently manufactured in 3000 copies each, which actually is not so limited than that), but this is probably the darkest color in class, and now the most expensive! Lebron James, in addition to having its own line at Nike, carries other brand models the swoosh, and this Lebron IX ‘Engaged’ shows us that he was not indifferent to the colors of the Yeezy Blink . The pair was made for the wedding of the famous player of Heat. On the tongue is the date of this event: 1st January 2012 and the pair is predominantly black, with details such as the pink interior lining. As with all true PE, the pair will probably not marketed.


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