Nike MAG “Mac Fly”: After the Hype, the facts

  • Christophe Bataille
  • 7 years Ago
  • Nike

We’ve already talked about in just 24 hours. But now that things have become clear, it may be time to take stock.

  • It is auctioned on Ebay with 150 models a day for 10 days
  • This 2011 version although faithful to the original level of the shape does not contain the automatic lacing system
  • All profits will return to the foundation fighting against MJ Fox Parkinson’s disease. Besides a double foundation google setting up a 50 $ million.
  • Must be a resident of the United States of America in order to build (or at least have an address).
  • A new version released in 2015 with the automatic lacing

So all this is rather good news for those who do not have the finances nor a contact in the U.S., you have four years to save and finally have the holy grail of the sneaker. Here is the video of the Nike ad MAG 2011: And a small video message from Michael J Fox:

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Christophe Bataille

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