Nike Pre Montreal Vintage Racer

  • Caroline Thenadey
  • 6 years Ago
  • Nike

Since the beginning of the year, Nike continues its momentum in a vintage reissue of the Nike Pre Montreal Racer. For the record, this running was designed in 1973 for an American athlete specializing in distance running: Steve Roland Prefontaine. The name of this pair has been directly inspired by the nickname of the sports ‘Pre’ For the technical side, this pair combines Suede and Nubuck and comes in as and outings and exclusives in different colors and new originals.

A common color, but in two versions for the Orange, Blue, Purple, Black or Turquoize but also the warm colors such as Yellow / Green colors of the University of Oregon with which Steve Roland Prefontaine competed. Note however that the swoosh is white on all the pairs! Once again Nike fully satisfies us and makes us share the legendary models. A mixed model that will combine both with a denim dress with a .. Some colors are available in GS .. for my greatest happiness elsewhere! Available at Nike online and in stores.
Caroline Thenadey

/ team WAVE®

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