Nike Stadium MFG Frank the Butcher x: Bespoke Destroyer

  • Jeremy Goaziou
  • 6 years Ago
  • Clothing

Customization at Nike can reach sometimes unexpected areas. The Air Force 1 Bespoke program of 21 Mercer Street in New York version is a little ‘luxury’ of NikeiD but some icons Nike Sportswear also benefit from this treatment Bespoke. This is the case of Nike Sportswear Destroyer Jacket is available in Bespoke at Nike Stadium MFG at 276 Bowery Street in New York. For the sum of $ 680 you can afford a fully customized jacket to your image. This is what a DJ for Boston ‘Frank The Butcher by offering a unique piece performed brilliantly. Destroyer his jacket was customized in a style ‘Tatoo’ or embroidered each piece has a strong sentimental value for him. It includes the name of his younger brother died in 2005, the name of his children, his label’s logo etc. ..

Jeremy Goaziou

Administrator / team WAVE®

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    some 1 can tell me i wont to do a jacket olso can give me a mail

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